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Electrical Fire

SERVPRO of Sangamon CountyIf you suffer a fire loss in your home the choice of a restoration company will determine how quickly you can get back in your home. A... READ MORE

Storm damage considerations

SERVPRO of Sangamon CountyAfter storms have affected homes there is a lot of work to be done and choosing a restoration company should be at the top of the... READ MORE

Storm Damage

When rains cause water levels to rise there can be a lot of effects.  This damage caused water to backflow through a septic system causing contamination th... READ MORE

Mold Growth and removal

SERVPRO of Sangamon CountyMold growth is about identifying the source of the growth, if you have moisture entering a space and don't correct it you will st... READ MORE

Ultrasonic Cleaning

When we get fragile or hard to clean items that are damaged by soot from a fire one option is using our ultrasonic cleaning tank.  This cleaning procedure ... READ MORE

When a trash can just won't cut it

SERVPRO of Sangamon County was called to respond when a sprinkler system went off in this person's building complex.  The source of the fire was in the apa... READ MORE

Moldy Drywall

Stagnant air in combination to high humidity levels in basements and storage rooms can easily lead to fungal growth.  This is the reason that generally a c... READ MORE

Water after fire

If a sprinkler system goes off in a large building multiple units can be affected.  Luckily SERVPRO of Sangamon County has you covered.  We ... READ MORE

Mold growth

SERVPRO of Sangamon CountyMold has the ability to grow on many substances including food plastics and clothing if it's food supply and the source of moistu... READ MORE

Soda Blasting

SERVPRO of Sangamon CountyMany situations require mold to be treated. One option is Soda blasting. Baking soda is propelled at a high rate and strips the m... READ MORE